Thursday, January 16, 2014

Parting Ways

Feel like the sand drifting away,
From under my feet, day by day.
Should I leave or should I stay,
Think there's nothing I could say.

Holding onto the one I love,
And keeping with the marriage vow
Its more than I could endow
Its been difficult from then to now

Our life has become like the mirror that shattered,
Putting back the pieces never mattered.
As I have become the one you least bothered,
No longer I wish to stand hindered.

Fate has pushed us to part ways,
Leaving a scar that would stay always.
But still I am glad to fall behind the race,
Just to put a smile on your face.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Just a dream...

I know I dream no less
The reason is you I guess
I kept dreaming less assured
For I had no reasons to be feared

I kept waiting for a task
As the days passed from dawn to dusk
Filled up with dreams in my eyes
I felt, I could reach all the heights

But I woke up to the screams of reality
With a fear far less than being guilty
And all hopes I saw, seemed
Just a dream I dreamed

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy B' dear Hubby

I have become an admirer
Of a creation God entrusted me.
But little did I know about you, my treasure
You never let me feel less than what I should be.

A feeling I could never explain,

I sense, with you by my side
And I pray; all that I, now gain  
Should never ever subside.

The only time I realize, that my heart beats more,

Is when I walk along with you.
And you give me the reasons to adore,
This fills my heart with love, never untrue.

As you celebrate this very special day,

Here wishing all the pains and sorrows adieu
And for the blessings on its wayI Pray, 
May your wishes come true.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dedicated to Atreyi

Time never remained the same,
And there is no one to blame.
But the memories come flourishing your heart,
Bunch of them, of which you were a part.
The long talks of passion and pain
Wishing would it ever come alive again

As you begin to share your heart
Let nothing keep your love for Him apart
Dream a dream of what you believe
A dream that you can offer and receive
As the new chapters unfold
Learn the meaning of, to have and hold

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beacon of my life

You came into my life, made me whole,

Gave a new meaning to my role.
For you bring me the beauty of love
Which I promise, would never let go of

You are a beacon to guide my heart,
To gather the dreams that fell apart.
For you always give me the feel,
That your love for me is real.

What is it to feel, the feel of love,
Never knew until now.
Once a stranger, now my soul
You are my love, I can’t control

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Birthday

Every person has a beauty of their own;
A magic that belongs to one alone
You are someone who in your own way...
Have touched my life in a special way...

Your warmth, thoughtfulness and understanding ways
Have added joys to each of my days
I wonder if you could ever see
The happiness your friendship brings me

Every season of life has memories that it will share
And those who knows, finds the loveliness that’s there
Today as you greet this special day,
Here I am wishing you a Happy Birthday!!!

Little Did I know

Thought I would grow up into someone
What I dreamt of
But little did I know
It’s no more the same
What I believe it to be

Thought I could hold on to my dear ones
At times of difficulty
But little did I know
It’s no more the same
What I believe it to be

Thought I would lean on to someone of my own,
When I wanted a shoulder to cry on
But little did I know
It’s no more the same
What I believe it to be

I yearned for someone to hold me by
Before the loneliness could grasp me
But Poor me; little did I know
It’s no more the same
What I believe it to be