Monday, November 12, 2012

Just a dream...

I know I dream no less
The reason is you I guess
I kept dreaming less assured
For I had no reasons to be feared

I kept waiting for a task
As the days passed from dawn to dusk
Filled up with dreams in my eyes
I felt, I could reach all the heights

But I woke up to the screams of reality
With a fear far less than being guilty
And all hopes I saw, seemed
Just a dream I dreamed

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy B' dear Hubby

I have become an admirer
Of a creation God entrusted me.
But little did I know about you, my treasure
You never let me feel less than what I should be.

A feeling I could never explain,

I sense, with you by my side
And I pray; all that I, now gain  
Should never ever subside.

The only time I realize, that my heart beats more,

Is when I walk along with you.
And you give me the reasons to adore,
This fills my heart with love, never untrue.

As you celebrate this very special day,

Here wishing all the pains and sorrows adieu
And for the blessings on its wayI Pray, 
May your wishes come true.